• Project Management

    We will project manage you through go-live processes, helping along the journey to your brand spanking new website. What a value add!

  • Property Info Sync

    Your EasyPro website will sync with your elina system, meaning all property information, such as name, details, images, geo location, rates, availability and restrictions will sync across into the website and booking engine. So you just need to manage your properties in elina!

  • Mobile Friendly

    Yes, this was designed for mobile and laptop, or desktop together - both are important! Tested on modern browsers, it will keep you relevant and make guests happier - by making things easy for them.

  • We love dogs & design

    We're a friendly bunch (who happen to quite like dogs). We also love amazing design and all things about direct bookings. We'll be interested in what you are aiming for (and any dogs you have)!

  • How it works

  • 1
    Be an elina pms customer

    EasyPro Air (and other choices of design) are available as an option to all elina pms customers as a direct bookings and branding tool.

  • 2
    Choose one & pay set up

    Choose an EasyPro website then pay set up. The terms will will either be covered in your elina pms service agreement, or we can can counter sign the terms for this EasyPro website via docusign with you.

  • 3
    Minimum info required!

    Our website team will code your EasyPro website for your business, syncing it with your elina system. We just need to know brand cours, fonts and your elina system URL.

  • Your questions, answered

    You need to be an elina customer. If you are, then we can code and supply you with this website inside 2-4 weeks. You need to supply the purchased domain. We can organise an SSL for a secure website.

    All elina EasyPro websites are £1,499 set up fee. There is then a monhtly cost of hosting, Umbraco license and support, which is from £39 p/m. It takes us a few days to set it up and we project manage you through go live, making sure you are professionally set up, including redirects, SEO and content checks. We also make sure analytics is set up, the website submitted to Google and optimised for speed.

    Yes, you own your website after 12 months. It really uses elinas booking engine, but you could use it to plug another booking engine in. You can also decide to edit or change the design and coding if you want. elina owns the base design and code always and you own your purchased copy of it for your business for as long as you choose.

    Yes using Umbraco Content Management System (CMS) you can add and edit pages and update photos, written content and videos.

    This website includes a blog, so you can write and post your own blog content as you choose.

    The website includes easy to see and manage SEO, so you need to make sure each page has a keyphrase optimised title and description, plus the keyphrases (of which you can have 1-2 per page) are included 4-5 times in your written content on that page. If you need help, our digital marketing team can help.

    All property content will sync from your elina pms system. All rates and availability will also sync from your elina system, so you just need to manage any unique content in blogs, the homepage and references pages such as 'about' or 'contact'

    Yes, we have four choices of EasyPro website. This is the EasyPro Air. There is also Classic, Destinations and Locale. Visit https://www.elinapms.com/features/easypro-website/ to see the others.

    We charge from £39 to £99 depending on the size of your business (and data usage) per month to provide god quality managed hosting, plus we provide email support and Umbraco help, whether answering questions or providing training. We also provide free quotes for design or development work you may wish to do, or digital marketing help you want on a lower tariff.

    This EasyPro Air website is set up to take paid and non paid bookings (you choose). Plus you can capture enquiries with dynamic strings, which just means you know what the person was lookign at page-wise when they hit enquire - helping you convert the booking!